Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dungeon Defenders Goblin Fanart

Chromatic games released some really cool concept art for their new game Dungeon Defenders Awakened, and I felt inspired to create something based off it! Back when Dungeon Defenders came on the scene, we didn't have the Substance Suite, Marmoset, or Blender 2.8, so I used all of those to try and match the style of the game they're making in Unreal 4 now, and it's been fun. I tweaked some of the concept to make him a little more aggressive, while also keeping with the goofy/whimsical style of Dungeon Defenders, and I gave him a shattered shield he stole off some poor defender and made into his own! You can see their Kickstarter here: Blender 2.8 was used for the modeling, Zbrush was used for most of the sculpting, and Substance painter was used for the texturing.